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    Wife and Husband team Aubrey and Brian Zelenka each bring a unique set of skills to their work. They proudly work out of their original 1935  Firestone Tire building that they're restoring. 


     Indiana native, Aubrey  is a modern day renaissance woman. Born and raised in northwest Indiana she grew up fast and learned

that life is created not given. Aubrey is a fabricator, leather maker, photographer, make-up artist, stylist, lumberjack, handyman, swing dancer, cocktail lover, motorcycle rider, and mother. She didn’t have a traditional upbringing - creativity, personal expression and a curiosity were burned into her foundation. Aubrey learned the traditional Native American and Mountain Man leather making techniques from her family, and her love for welding started in high school .

   Illinois native, Brian grew up in the Chicago suburbs, in a machinist family working at his brothers machine shop from a young age. His love for hotrods started from spending time with his dad at cruise nights and drag races. He started working on cars in his home garage at 13. Brian has gained many skills over his years working on cars. His perfect body and paint work comes from over 30 years of auto body work. 


Aubrey and Brian take great pride in doing custom quality work and building relationships with their clients and community. 

Since Live Free Fabrication  pieces are handmade, each one takes on a life of its own. Owners of Live Free products appreciate the past and present, they’re modern folks with an old soul. They cherish small details and quality-made goods that will last a lifetime.

When asked why she does what she does, Aubrey said "I do it because it's what I know ...making something from nothing out of necessity, that serves a purpose and function … but of course have some character and style. I love leather and metal because it's something that has a story, and that can hold and wear your story."
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